Judge Nathan Erasmus.

Simon Prophet has the right to dignity and no judge may derogate non derogable laws.

It is not acceptable in a constitutional democracy for a judge to tell lies in his judgment about someone and then make a ruling to punish the man about whom he has lied?

Below is Simon Prophet's affidavit called the "Sentence of Seven Lies" which accuses Judge Nathan Erasmus of criminal conduct and was submitted to the South African Police in March 2023.

The police refused to look at the allegations. The document was then presented to the Public Protector who considered the contents thereof and suggested that it be forwarded to the Judicial Service Commission which was duly done which is confirmed by the emails below.





The Judicial Service Commission

Above is the email correspondence between Simon Prophet and the Judicial Service Commission who acknowledged receivership thereof on 26th April 2023 informing Prophet that the documents were to be forwarded to Ms Ndivhuwo Tshubwana and Ms Kutlwano Moretlwe.

Through the delivery services of Post Net, 2 chemical sample exhibits and several documents were couriered to the Judicial Service Commission's office including Simon Prophet's signed affidavit called the "Sentence of Seven Lies." 

What follows below is Simon Prophet's affidavit, the "Sentence of Seven Lies", that was submitted to the South African Police and to the Judicial Service Commission.