Black people who live in South Africa must stop complaining about white people who also live in South Africa.

Chasing white people away from this country will not improve your life. The ANC has failed on its promises and so will every other black political party including the EFF...

but there is a way......that will work with immediate effect.



Unlock who you really are.

This is just an idea mind you. Only opinion for now.

History tells us that England conquered the Cape of Good Hope back in 1795.

So what happened to the identity of those living under British colonization? Were those people absorbed into the population of Britain and did they become British subjects?

It is the resources of the land that the locals did loose to Britain. This is the cost of the loss of their sovereignty. The minerals were taken but in return they became protected British citizens. Being British is not such a bad thing.

Britain needs to compensate those who lost their land and sovereignty with something. I'm saying to Britain that for those of us whose ancestors hail from the Cape Colony; return to us our birthright to be British subjects.

History paints the Afrikaner with apartheid as being guilty against the black population.

History will have us think that when blacks were given the vote then all the inequalities of the past could be forgiven when Nelson Mandela became their leader and new boss but what happened to the birthright of black people to be British back in the day?

The 1994 elections did not address the true identity of the black people.

South African blacks have been shuttled around like cattle. From being a sovereign people in their own land once upon a time to being subjugated to being British and then without their agreement to being corralled into being subjects of the Union of South Africa and then being herded into a another camp called the Republic of South Africa.

When the monarchy pulled out of South Africa it was supposed to have been due to a referendum with the vote of 52% for and 48% against but not one black person attended the referendum. Why not?

I want to know when black people stopped being British subjects and when or how did black people play a part to agree for such changes to come about? This question needs an answer.

No one is ever going to convince me that black people accepted to be under the control of an apartheid government so at that point in time were they British or were they South African?

I'm saying that a new and fair referendum should be attended and black people and coloured people should be given their right to vote to stay British or to accept the identity that was forced upon them which was to being South African.


Are you black and did your ancestors live in the Cape Colony between 1810 and 1910? If your answer is YES then I am suggesting that you are a British citizen by birth right.

I am bringing you to a realization that you may have been tricked into thinking that you are a South African.


It is my humble opinion that, yes, you have been tricked into thinking that you are doomed to die a South African.


Britain did not bring her army here to protect South Africans. The British army came here to steal the resources and all of the subsequent governments were not created to serve you. They were created to serve the interests of the owners of the mining enterprises.


The government of the Union of South Africa and the government of the Republic of South Africa were and are puppet governments and they were and are all illegal.


The current ANC government is born out of earlier illegal institutions and consequently it too is an illegal enterprise and it does not serve the people of South Africa.




The people who died in the Marikana massacre never knew about their birth right to be British citizens and never knew that by their birth right they are entitled to receive the minimum wage of R29 000 per month.


The South African governments since 1900 have been doing dirty deals behind your back. Here is the proof. Since 1810 it's always been business before people.


Having a stupid vote did not help these people who were murdered and they were murdered because they were a threat to the mining monopolies that operate in South Africa but the mining monopolies themselves are not from South Africa.

Around 1894 the Glen Grey Act excluded black people from participating in the political, economic and social development of South Africa. This "Bill for Africa" was advanced to become apartheid and since 1900 black people have been denied the right to participate in social and political developments because the British did not recognize black people as being human enough to participate.

Black people were denied all manner of civil rights. This means that all South African political developments since 1910 are unlawful.

The 1994 elections for Nelson Mandela did not restore the rights of black people in terms of their birth right to be British. The 1994 election was a con and a cover up. The right to be British was not returned to the black people of the Cape Colony. The right to vote to live in poverty is not an asset worth having.

The people who own the resources of South Africa will always own those resources. They are powerful beyond believe but what about your right to be British. After all Britain did colonize South Africa so instead of fighting colonization let's embrace it and say thank you for making us British. We appreciate it. It's not a fight.

Let's open our arms and let's all be British.

Illegal actions of the past can be rectified. An application to a Court is to expose the inhumane discrimination against the black people of the Cape Colony from 1894 onwards. Britain is still benefiting from these illegal discriminations at the expense of the black people and Britain is held liable.

The persistent historical crimes against the black people of the Cape Colony of not allowing them to vote must be be put right. A new referendum is to be attended and the descendants of those who were denied the vote must now be allowed to vote on their behalf.



At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 she signed the above document which included the Peoples of the Union of South Africa. On the 5th of October 1960, South Africa held a referendum on severing its ties to the British Crown and becoming a republic but this vote was restricted to whites only. Black people did not participate in the referendum so can we conclude that the Black Peoples of the Union of South Africa, since they were not given the opportunity to have their say in this matter still fall under being governed by the Crown?


The current political structure is not working for the vast majority of South Africans.

I say that corruption will never go away until the historical inequalities of the past have been addressed and this is here the primary objective.

I am saying that the 1994 elections did not address the core issue that the black people of the Cape Colony were once British and that their descendants have been tricked into loosing their true birthright which is to be British.

Britain gave the right to the whites of South Africa to be self governing but that choice has never been afforded to the black people of South Africa.

Now that this has come to be known and understood it must be addressed.

If the Black Peoples of the Union of South Africa had been given the opportunity to vote in the 1960 South African referendum then would they have chosen to be under the control of an apartheid government or would they have chosen to remain British? These questions now need answers and the only fair way to achieve such answers is to put the same question to the offspring of those who were denied to vote.

It is my understanding that the black people of the past would have voted to remain British subjects which means that you as their descendants would today be British and you would be enjoying the benefits of being British. Consequently this is your right by birth.

For those of you who happen to be black, you now know that the exclusion of your ancestors from the political platforms in the past is what has resulted in you being at the mercy of the current political system which is inherently corrupt and will always be corrupt until the political rights of your ancestors have been restored.

Do you want to be British or do you want to be South African?

This is the question that was never put to your ancestors. The time has come for that question to be answered and as a black South African it is your responsibility to your ancestors to demand a new and fair referendum whereby you can stand in for your ancestors and vote on their behalf.





Why do we have unemployment, homelessness and poverty?

Our people suffer and die in the street but we are the richest country in the world.

Something is not right but it's easy for us to change that by going back to being British.

At R29 000 per month minimum wage it's VIVA COLONIALISM all the way.

At R6 000 per month unemployment benefits VIVA COLONIALISM. VIVA. VIVA.




Make a way to participate in a new referendum.

No guns no soldiers no demonstrations no loss of life.

Just a simple court case to force and allow a new and fair referendum will force Britain to come clean!


You don't have to be South African if you don't want to be.

Would you like to be a British citizen? Would you like to travel to England without restrictions? Would you like to work in England? Would you like to have a British passport and be allowed to travel to any of the European countries like Germany, Italy, France, Spain? Would you like to enjoy unemployment benefits of R6 000 per month? Minimum wage of R29 000 per month? Pension of R12 000 per month? These are just some of the benefits of being British.

We never asked Britain to come to our country. It was Britain who came here by martial law. It was Britain who raped and plundered our mining assets. It is Britain who must own up and take responsibility for the wellbeing of us that they robbed. The black people of the Cape Colony can never take back the riches that were stolen from them but at the same time they have never consented to the loss of their right to be British.

There is no way on God's good earth that black people would have voted for a government that created apartheid.

Let's go back to the poles and a fair referendum for a life changing vote that is void of empty promises.

I say to you Britain that you forced us to be your people. Own up to your responsibilities and share the wealth that, if not for your criminal deeds, has always belonged to the people of the old Cape.

One vote every 4 years is a waste of time because South African politics is bankrupt and the South African government serves only itself. Voting to be British does make sense. We must go to where the money is and hold England accountable.

I remember it being said that the South African enterprise known as Anglo American was the biggest foreign investor in America. Why didn't Anglo America invest in the country from whence its wealth was derived? It's time for a change. It's time to force the investments back into this country and as British subjects then Britain has no option but to engage on our behalf.

South Africans live in the richest country in the world. 60 times richer than America. It is inconceivable that we have unemployment and homelessness.










We were forced to be colonized but it's OK because we don't want independence.

Yes. Britain raped and murdered the people of the Cape to get our gold.

Yes. Britain came here and conquered us into being British.

Britain made our ancestors British subjects and therefore by birth so are we.

We don't want the ANC, we don't want Malema, we don't want the DA.

With their bags of empty promises they can all go to hell.

We want what every British subject enjoys because we are British.

We want immediate unemployment benefit payout of R6 000 per month.

We want minimum wage R29 000 per month.

We want freedom to travel around England which is our country.

Let the supermarkets and the monopolies pay a decent wage or let them go bust.

We don't need criminal enterprises.

We are the country of GOLD.

We are the richest country in the world but it is also our birthright to be British.