The criminal allegations above include crimen iniuria, perjury, theft and torture and involve 7 people who at the time that these alleged crimes occurred were employed by various departments of Government which included the South African Police, the South African Human Rights Commission, and the National Director of Public Prosecutions.


Casper Henderik Venter

Criminal charges for perjury have been opened against Casper Henderik Venter in March 2023 at the Cape Town central police station. The investigating officer is Sargeant Ngape and Lt Col Lutchman. The criminal case number is 1438/3/2023.

The criminal investigation involves 2 affidavits wherein Casper Henderik Venter has been accused of having told lies under oath in both of the affidavits which were presented to the Cape Town High Court, The Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court.


It's not enough that Venter lied about Prophet in 2001. Being consistent to his real personality, again, in 2020, he displays his true colours by telling more lies about Prophet to academic circles.

His lies, painful though they may be to Prophet, have been useful in that they serve to support the criminal allegations of perjury against Venter.


Judge Nathan Erasmus

Alleged criminal complaints against Judge Erasmus have been forwarded to the Judicial Service Commission. Failure of the Judicial Service Commission to respond will result in an application to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands.



When your civil rights are violated then you contact a lawyer.

When you are attacked by criminals then you contact the police.

When South Africa gives you the cold shoulder then you go to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.



Prophet has done all in his power to stop the unlawful forfeiture of his home, his land, his business, his cars and all of his personal belongings.

His appeals to the civil courts landed on deaf ears.

His appeals to the Public Protector, the South African Human Rights Commission, the Judicial Service Commission all to no effect.

His most recent appeals in March 2023 have been to the South African Police but in anticipation of service that may be declined and in the event that Prophet's efforts to find relief do not materialize on a local level in the Republic of South Africa then already documents and supporting evidence regarding several International criminal allegations are being prepared for presentation to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Prophet has the right to dignity and he has the right to be protected from violent aggression and harm regardless of from whence comes the harm and especially even more so when that harm originates from government.

People employed by the government or by the courts are not allowed to engage Constitutional law violations but when such violations do occur against ordinary people in the street then there's not much can be done by those ordinary people to stop such acts but when the acts are criminal in nature then, Prophet, is of the opinion that it's a different kettle of fish.