Below Annex ELA is an advertisement for the book JUSTICE WILL BE DONE IN CAPE TOWN. 

The advertisement reveals how the Judge has fallen into a trap and has been caught out with a grammatical contradiction that renders his argument as being meaningless.

Judge Erasmus condemned Simon Prophet on grounds of an erroneous assessment and a false conclusion of the facts in a time frame during the proceedings of Prophet's criminal trial which has made Judge Erasmus guilty of flagrant violations of Constitutional and International laws including among other rights, the right to silence and the right to presumption of innocence.

Furthermore Judge Erasmus has commissioned what is defined as a crime against humanity.

To be precise Erasmus has commissioned the criminal act of punishing a suspect.

At the same time that Erasmus was condemning Simon Prophet as a guilty criminal and ruled to have his properties forfeited, Simon Prophet, was facing a criminal trial for the same criminal allegations for which Judge Erasmus had condemned Prophet.

International law defines punishing someone on suspicion as torture.

Judge Erasmus ruled to forfeit Prophet's home in 2003.

In 2005 Prophet was found to be not guilty.

A year later the Constitutional Court upheld the findings of Judge Erasmus.

No law and no court ruling can be considered as valid that allows for an innocent man to be punished for the same alleged crime for which the man has been found to be not guilty.

We have to go back to Judge Thring's question of "What will happen if Prophet is acquitted?"

The Constitutional Court's ruling to uphold Judge Erasmus's wrong judgement is indeed a lame reply even without taking into consideration the criminal allegations being posed against the state's only "supposed to be" witness, Casper Henderik Venter who it is alleged has committed the crime of perjury against Prophet.

In the event that Venter is convicted for perjury it's going to be game up and the flimsy house of cards with its false claims against Prophet is going to come crashing down and when that happens then Judge Thring's question is going to find its answer.

Law in South Africa cannot run amok and is bound by Constitutional law and when local law fails then there is a remedy through International Criminal Law and the Rome Statute which is all within arms reach of Simon Prophet's entitlements.