Great grandfather Johnson

Simon's  great grandfather. His mother's father's father.


The information Simon has on his great grandfather on his mother's father's side has been pieced together from the old family photographs that have survived.

His name was William Henry Johnson.

On the back of an old photograph he with Simon's great grand mother are identified only as grand father and grand mother Johnson. The hand writing is of John Thomas Raymond who is Simon's great grandfather on Simon's mother's mother's side.

Simon have assumed that John Thomas identified the couple for his mother's benefit them being Simon's mother's grand parents making them Simon's great grand parents.

Their place and dates of birth, full names and when they got married are unknown.

Photograph of Simon's great great grand parents.


If the dog in this photo is Jack then maybe Simon's great grandfather's nick name may have been Bill, from William. Circa 1930. Please make contact if you know who the poet is.

Great grand father, William Henry Johnson with Simon's grandfather, Thomas William Johnson and Simon's mother, Joan Johnson. Circa 1930.